Help & FAQs

1. Do you ship abroad?
For Exqline Baby Playpen, We don't ship to USA. For other products, we offer worldwide shipping. 

2. Where are the products shipping from?
Normally we would ship to clients based on client's location by the nearest warehouse. 

3. How long will you need to fulfill order?
Usually 2- 5 working days except orders for Early Bird Option or Customized.

4. What's the delivery time?
Usually 3 - 10 working days.

5. Items are missing from my original order, what should I do?
Contact us at the earliest time and we will arrange to send out asap.

6. My item is damaged, can I get a refund or replacement?
If the item arrives broken, please send it back and we will either send you a new replacement or issue a refund.

7. I am not satisfied with my order, can I be reimbursed?
A: Please contact us within 10 days from receiving the product if you are not satisfied. All you will need to do is return the item, and we will issue a refund. The cost to return the product is at your own expense.

8. How do I contact you?
Get in touch with Exqline on Facebook.

Or Email us: (Response in 24h in 99% of cases). Our support team is more than happy to assist you with any questions. 

9. Can I trust you?
Absolutely, we are the brand owner of Exqline in US & EU and a trustable seller on amazon, we cherish our reputation among our customers.

Moreover, we accept payments via Visa, Mastercard and Paypal, Our online site is constantly monitored, we would not be able to continue our services if we had a high rate of dissatisfied customers.