Low Temperature Stainless Steel Stirling Engine

The Perfect Eye-Catching Office Gift: This is a fairly basic Stirling engine that runs on the heat of your coffee, tea or hot chocolate: Place it on top of a cup of hot water, As long as the temperature differential is sufficient, nudge the flywheel with your finger and if an ice cube is then put on the top plate to increase the temperature difference, the fly wheel really takes off.

Greet Your Customers, Clients, Visitors with Curiosity: This is an amazing and fun office curiosity, As to anyone unfamiliar with Stirling engines it looks like magic. It's small enough to sit on a desk without taking up any space, The spinning fly wheel bridge the gap between science and magic. 

Great Conversation Starter: Besides a great fun classy desk top toy. This stirling engine is a great conversation starter at work, especially in an office full of engineers: It resonates with engineers’ inquisitive nature easily.

Beautiful Workmanship: Nicely finished in brass, aluminum, stainless steel and glass with exquisite craftsmanship,The engine has a classic old-timey elegance, which makes it more fun and interesting to watch as it goes around and around.

Neat Toy Teach About Thermodynamics: It was good for "show and tell" as the displacer and compression cylinders are transparent, The walls of the cylinders are clear so all the internal actions can be seen. You can use it as a teaching device and demonstration exhibit, Plus it’s a great gift for teen boys.

Are you looking for a funny office gift to yourself for hard working in a whole year? Even better if it’s novelty & mysterious and amazing to watch?

Have you ever been racking your brain for a unique gift to the person who has everything, For example the boss, the valued customers, the wealthy friends ...etc?

Are you in an office that full of engineers? Or an office usually have customers for business visiting?

If so you might like this LTD Stirling Engine!

What is LTD stirling Engine?

Similar to a typical Stirling engine an LTD Stirling engine runs when one part of the engine is heat and another part is cool. LTD is short for Low Temperature Differential.


While the flywheel is spinning fast on your cup of coffee, It’s so eye-catching and you will find curiosity on people’s face the moment they walk in through the door. A great conversation starter at work!

A professional looking but incredibly funny desk gadget, a desk novelty that won't be forgotten!

A fun gadget with no purpose at all, except to use as a teaching device and demonstration exhibit!

This is not a fan, it does absolutely nothing but keep itself going. That's the beauty of it!

Warm Note:

This is a delicate item, dropping or jarring it will result in damage.

Do not place over boiling water the inner precise foam pieces might melt.

Not suitable for unsupervised kids.

Product Specification:

Dimension: 127mm(length) * 102mm( width)

Material: stainless steel / aluminum / brass / glass

Weight: 230g

What’s in this package:

1* LTD stirling Engine

Order Today Risk Free! – Change Your Office Forever!

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